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HERA General Engineering is a DGS certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) contractor providing infrastructure solutions for public and private clients throughout California. We deliver ideas, innovations, products, and services that support our growing communities and improve the everyday life of our clients.

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Our Safety Promise

The safety of our employees, environment and the public is our priority, and that is our promise to you.

10 Steps to Zero Accidents

1. Make sure everyone is committed to safety.
2. Set clear standards for workplace safety performance.
3. Make every employee a safety leader.
4. Get employees involved in safety planning and goals.
5. Promote understanding of why safety is important.
6. Train employees frequently and make sure they have the information needed to prevent accidents.
7. Encourage feedback.
8. Look for teachable moments.
9. Move swiftly to correct safety problems.
10. View accident prevention as an ongoing challenge.

Construction Site Safety Tips

1. Wear your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) every time.
2. Develop best practices for getting in and out of equipment.
3. Create space and use proper tools when loading or unloading equipment.
4. Avoid crowding by allowing sufficient space for equipment and workers.
5. Keep the work area clean and look for trip hazards.

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